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Relax Reed Diffusers for Home Fragrance 100m Yakut

Relax Reed Diffusers for Home Fragrance 100m Yakut
Relax Reed Diffusers for Home Fragrance 100m Yakut


RELAX Ambient Fragrance, Air Freshener, with Bamboo Stick RELAX Air Freshener Original Scent Will Change Your Home Air In every area of your car, home and office, you may use it for stylish permanen and pleasent smell. Because of including natural flower extract in its content it changes the environment air in a few minutes. Even after the smell is over, you can continue using the stylish bottles and candles as decorative object. Persistent Fragrance, Bamboo is one of the most used plants by people. Bamboo has an absorbent texture with its special structure. When these absorbent cells come into contact with the air, they release the liquid they contain into the environment. With the special formula of Bamboo Fragrance, the scent that spreads to the environment makes itself felt for a long time. You can feel nature at home with the special formula of Refreshing Bamboo Fragrance. With our Bamboo Fragrance varieties, you can smell your place as if you are in the pacific, or make your customers and yourself feel like in the unique forests of Africa. Bamboo Fragrance, with its special formula, spreads its scent to the environment in a short time and relaxes the person. Usage: After opening your special scent that you deem suitable for your decoration in your home or workplace, it is placed in the bottle by leaving the bamboo sticks scattered in the bottle. You can refresh the bamboo sticks with the wet sides up with the periods you deem necessary. Recommended periodical period is once in 3-4 days.
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  • Carton Weight: 2.40kg
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